Traditional painting

Traditional drawing and painting in studio or en plein air comprises a significant body of work. Small landscapes, streetscapes and other eclectic small subjects are executed in a variety of media. En plein air painting is generally executed in oil or watercolour.

Traces in Time is the title for one work in Bev Mazurick’s new series Viewpoints. Loosely placed within the landscape genre, Viewpoints is an evolving series of mixed media paintings focusing on the utility of perspective in its literal and conceptual sense, as a conduit between artist and viewer.

Fine Craft

Bev Mazurick has developed a successful fine craft business creating and marketing “Original Art Handpainted on Fabric”. Fabric art products such as mushroom bags, mug mats and decorative cushions are created using fine cotton panels, each showcasing handpainted illustrations or expressive paintings of wilderness subjects. Fabric art products make unique gifts, offering original art in a form suitable for daily use.

Conceptual Art

An ongoing series of conceptual abstract artwork explores the capacity for simple visual art forms to convey a sense of complex subject matter. How connected is the dialogue between artist and viewer? Human society has evolved with forms of expression that convey complex meaning — body language, oral or written language and music for example. How may we express complexities in a visual art form such as painting?