Motivations in Art

Motivated by wonder

The awe inspiring wonder of nature, be it wildlife or wilderness is a dominant theme in Bev Mazurick’s art and fine craft. Growing up on the west coast of Canada and now living in south-western Alberta, she references both regions in her work. Equally motivating for Bev Mazurick is the satisfaction of developing complex conceptualizations with non-pictorial painting and other forms of abstract art.

Motivated by community

Bev Mazurick has life experience in many aspects of fine art and volunteers her time to assist arts groups on an ongoing basis. She has served as a professional jurist with Alberta Community Arts Club Association and has worked with community arts groups to critique painting and drawing. In 2015 she served as Acting Treasurer for the Alberta Society of Artists. For seven years she served as coordinator for sales activities of the Textile Surface Design Guild of Lethbridge. She was an artist partner operating a cooperative art and fine craft gallery/workshop on Vancouver Island. Also on Vancouver Island, she was a principal and founding member in formation of the South Coast Arts Council.

Motivated by mushrooms

Bev Mazurick has developed a successful fine craft business creating and marketing “Original Art Handpainted on Fabric”. Fabric art products such as mushroom bags (which are functional food storage bags) offer fine art in a form suitable for daily use.